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Submitted on
January 7, 2013


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Healingwind Traces

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 7, 2013, 2:26 AM

Edit 2:

healingwind posts a new journal "and if you're wanting to scroll down to either comment box and write hate, stop right now and think about your life. sending death threats to my tumblr account is too much. sorry, i'm done."

dudes don't send her hate messages. I saw on the failingwind blog someone told her to cut off her hands. art thief isn't any means a reason to chop someone's hands off but I also wish she stopped skating around the problem and just come to terms with what she did, apologized, and stopped doing it. I understand the situation must frustrate some but always remain civil.


Edit: Because I don't want to send the wrong message across, the journal is edited as to not distract people from the point which is to provide the information that's already accessible on the internet. Original written journal is here:

Basically I would like to say that I have found out that the artist :iconhealingwind: traces and it is a reoccurring event. I've turned my head from this problem twice but she keeps persisting on this practice and so this is why I'm making this journal.

Image above is an image of a secret santa healingwind posted that's now mysteriously missing from her gallery. It's an overlay of what she traced.

I do understand that it may not be in my place to post this journal because I haven't spoken to healingwind personally about it but I really just wanted people to know this information since it is on the internet and things has happened. If she's changed her ways/made an announcement regarding the tracing and junk I will definitely edit this journal to keep people updated but until then this is how it is wawawa...

The "failingwind" tumblr:

I looked away from her tracing a couple of times over a few months but after a while I decided to post.

event 1: nisoniso calls her out… Nisoniso found traced pictures of her art from healingwind. This was the first time I personally found out about the situation and healingwind and nisoniso sorted it out. Okay, great. Thinking that's the last time she'd trace it was easier to let go. But she continued her acts after the resolution and niso has immortalized the matter on her blog.

event 2: Artist Confessions… So when she persisted in tracing an artist-confessions post was created to call her out-- which she requested removal of the following day. It was posted late December but there is evidence she has traced between the nisoniso matter and the artist-confession's post. So she hadn't stopped after being confronted by niso but she also hadn't done a public resolve and own up to her mistakes. Instead she kept sweeping matters under the rug.

event 3: failingwind blog Here I saw even more traced art that included SSes, commissions, and contests on DA OMG CONTEST RESULTSWatch These Awesome Artists








:bulletred:Explosion Of Madness Contest Winners:bulletred:
1st Place- :iconcyblix:

2nd Place- :iconhealingwind:
3rd Place- :iconbag-chan:
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:bulletorange:Hounourable Mentioning's:bulletorange:
Honourable Mention- :iconLevioleur:
:iconNarcissa92devil:Explosion Of Madness A Joint Oc Contest my entry by Narcissa92devil
Honourable Mention- :iconmaniacalartist:
:iconcookie-gear:Cont - Levi Chagrin by cookie-gearCont - ManAyce by cookie-gear
Honourable Mention- :iconnusine:
<- contest she got second place in for a TRACED PICTURE

post about it here:…

Also traced commission above that was taken down later.…

This is why I've decided to make a journal about it. Tracing in general is not alright, however she entered a contest she got second placed in, she traced a gift for someone, and she traced a commission. These three are especially heinous to me because tracing for a contest is stealing opportunity from someone else who put their all in their picture, tracing a gift makes someone not able to look at their gift with happiness, and tracing a commission is basically stealing money.

Also she knows she is doing something wrong because she immediately takes down accused pictures on da and posts process gifs as of late in an attempt to prove her authenticity.

She was a major inspiration to me but after finding this out I pretty much throw this out the window.

I've commissioned her before and now I question if my commission is traced because of this. Also anything impressive or dynamic she's drawn.

But I just posted this not as a call to harass her/witch hunt her/OR TO NOTIFY THE DA STAFF OF HER DOING but as a source of information for people like me who looked up to her and awed at her talent.

You are free to leave with your own opinion of her after reading my journal and I am not here to rally against her. Thank you for reading and I apologize if my original journal distracted you from my original point.

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RoweniiChan Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
well.... I wish that I found this earlier....

I knew her months ago and today, I get back to search for her arts and I saw this journal.

She's my idol for quite a long time but I didn't know that she's tracing, it's a shock to me.

But I want to say thank you to you that you wake me up, thanks a lot!
I'm disappointed, she's talented...

what you are doing is right, thank you for posting this journal!
SimpleAimlessness Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Honestly, I was recently on her tumblr admiring her Kurobasu AU, seeing how well-received it was. What struck me as odd was that all her previous works had been removed, but I assumed it was just the occasional cleaning artists do.

The thing keeping me skeptical about all of this is that healingwind has exceptional artistic ability and her final products are wholly redesigned- the tracing seems limited to poses? What I don't understand is why exactly someone with such abilities would stoop to tracing? All in all, I can't overlook her behaviour in response to all of this, but I'm really quite curious about her side of the story...
ruricho Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
Have you seen this post? [link]
niaro Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
arghh heart dropped a bit seeing it LOL I'll figure out how to address it today ty for showing me... I'm more afraid of reading the responses to it but we'll see haha;;
ruricho Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
DW I don't agree with them. (:
Atobe333 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The ac post wasn't neccessary... I don't see it as you creating drama. You're just expressing the truth
iDestined Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She has a lot of talent... that's why I'm so disappointed...
Shii-ion Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
uggh if onlt the anon din comment in an inmmature way by using death threat cuz now she can use it to make herself a victim orll tho its like 50% to justify ppl actually send the threads since hw hav the history of mingling. she still haven appologise about herself tracing.

I was a fan of her too then I saw the way she draw kise n aomine looks like from niso and sara666 then I saw niso' post. I have to say nii ur my heroo for posting this on ur journal, I'm a coward ahhh hjfg so I only go annon
niaro Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
yeah it's a bit victimizing but it seems people don't really get distracted by that, they just state that they think it's wrong then they continue with their opinion

and yeee there still isn't a public apology for tracing but it's up to her i suppose. i don't see the point since honestly everyone knows by now...

I was a fan of hers for a while and it's a shame that talent is going to waste since I know she has some just she made the wrong decisions.

hnghhh thank you shiion I'm really glad that you think so ;;; i had to take some time to decide if I wanted to do this but in the end I'm glad so that people will know and won't be misled by her.
sute-ki Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
wow this is really disappointing, specially since it seems like she's able to draw just doesn't want to put the effort into coming up with stuff herself :C
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